Obsessed with detail, her watercolor portraits take on a photo-real appearance.  It was this obsession that got her a job at the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture in Hamilton NJ.  where she worked as an instructor in the wax chasing department, making seam lines and imperfections in the wax castings disappear.  Here she learned the lost wax process of bronze casting and was able to cast some of her own work in bronze.

Through the years Ms. Lyndall has worked on many different projects, from stage design, company logos, book and music cover illustration and  Motorcycle art to name a few.

Always the dreamer, Lyn strives to create things that normally can't be seen, as in her surreal and fantasy art.  A lot of her work also deals with environmental issues.
" I want my art to move you in some way, to be thought provoking, or just to make you sigh."

Never quite being able to sit still in one medium, Lyn is constantly stretching her wings into other area's, to explore different out-lets of creating.
"I love working with leather.  I design all my own patterns.  My leather bags combine: sewing, drawing, painting & beading.  They're a lot of work but also a lot of fun."  Her next venture is producing clothing, combining her art with leather and lace to create one of a kind wearable pieces of art.

Some of the artists that inspire her are: Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, John William Waterhouse, Jan Vermeer, Salvadore Dali, Maxfield Parrish, HR Giger, Carl Brenders, John Pitre and my dear dear friend Lance Lauffer.

With music being my constant companion in the studio, the soundtrack of my art can be anything from Rock n Roll, Celtic, native flute and classical, but is usually the magic of Robin Trower's guitar and voice of Davey Pattison.
I can't imagine life without music.

Having done countless shows on the east coast, she now calls Asheville NC home and is looking forward to showing and participating in the many galleries and events there.

Artist Information
My cats, Akasha and Willow
Lyn with the late Lance Roy Lauffer
Playing with the lions at the D.E.W. Animal Kingdom in Mt. Vernon Maine.
Lyn Lyndall is a third generation artist from Pennington New Jersey.
She is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts  She also studied at Mercer County Community College taking courses in Air Brush, Illustration, Photography and Printmaking.
  Lyn has been drawing and painting since she was old enough to hold a pencil and brush.
  A lover of animals, she prefers to paint them over all else.  It was in the early 1980's when Lyn received her first pet portrait commission