Here is my new line of hand bags.
I wanted to create quality bags, using quality materials, yet keep the 'hand made' feel.  Each bag is signed and a one of a kind work of art.
'Labor intensive' is the only way to describe these bags.
All leather including fringe is cut by hand, the lacing and bead work is also all done by hand.
My paintings are done with an acrylic leather paint.
Each is lined with a beautiful fabric with an inside pocket for your cell phone or keys.  Most bags have a magnetic closure.

These bags are now available at "Gallery of the Mountains" located in the Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC. Toll free Phone (800) 692-2204
Also at:  "Fred Eisen Leather Designs" New Hope PA (215) 862-5988

Leather Hand Bags
Native Skull Bags
Commissioned Bags
"Cougar Bag"

"Royal Highness"
"Raven Bag"
real turquoise beads
"Monument Valley Mustangs"
"Bull Buffalo Skull"
"Turquoise Deer Skull"
Turquoise cabochon on deer
Horse hair tassels
"Medicine Wheel Deer"
Horse hair tassels
"Wolf" Bag
"Ram Skull with Daisies"
Turquoise cabochons and Heishe beads
Inside view
Wolf bag - Back View
"Bone Hair Pipe Bag"
Turquoise Nuggets & Heishe beads.
Abalone discs and brass beads.
Fox fur
"Mayan King"
"Indian Prince"
"Cougar" Bag          
Cougar bag - back view
Mayan King - inside view
Horse Bags
These horse bags measure 
6" wide, 7" tall and 2" deep.
The strap is 48" long.

Inside view of Horse Bag
"Bear Skull"
Ermine tails, tin cones and glass crow beads
Dragonfly Bag
real turquoise beads
Bobcat Bag
"Black Raven Bag"
Hematite beads
"Great Horned Owl Bag"
"Monument Valley Mustang family"
Garnet beads
"Celtic Ginkgo Leaf Bag"
Side strap detail
"Appaloosa in Field"
Peridot beads
Animal Bags
Same basic size and shape as the horse bags, just varying on the design.

On the bags below, the art work has been hand painted on buckskin and hand sewn onto the bags
Great Horned Owl
Maine Coon
Click to Enlarge Image
Maine Coon
Carolina Wren
Blue Bird
Celtic Ginkgo
Rabbit in Clover
Remmer Parelli
Custom Bag
Mustang 1
Mustang 2
Friesian 1
Friesian 2
Mustang Friends
Click to Enlarge Image
Quarter Horse
Autumn Landscape
Raven Portrait with Turquoise
Click to Enlarge Image
Painted Ponys

My newest hand bag,
measuring 8" wide x 6" high x 2" deep
with a 37" removable strap that  allows it to convert to a clutch.

Lined with beautiful upholstery fabric, this bag is a true blend of art and function.
Click to Enlarge for Painting Detail
Celtic Crow
Celtic Horse
Celtic Wolf
Celtic Crow
Painted Ponys
Painted Ponys Side Detail
Celtic Wolf
Celtic Horse
Celtic Horse Side Detail
Black Cat
Celtic Lion
Golden Retriever "Brent"
Scottish Lion
Border Terrier
Australian Shepherd
Boston Terrier
Scottish Lion & Thistles
Florida Panther
Wolf profile
Happy Pug
Black Lab
Barn Owl
Great Horned Owl beak open
Snowy Owl
Bald Eagle
Red Tailed Hawk
Great Horned Owl - beak open
Chincoteaque Mare and Foal
"Three Ravens"
real turquoise beads
Fox & Chipmunk
"Frenchman's Ace of Spades"
Barn Owl
autumn leaves
Black lab bandanna
Yellow lab
Red Fox
Golden retriever
Day of the Dead Wolf
Day of the Dead Raven
Day of the Dead Cat
Day of the Dead Horse
Day of the Dead Bison