Useable, wearable, or spiritual, I think art should be everywhere in your life.

Flat Bags and
Fetish Bags
These Fetish bags are also available
through "Keshi the Zuni connection"
227 Don Gaspar,
Santa Fe New Mexico 
(505) 989-8728
Wolf Fetish Bag
Wolf Detail
Magpie Fetish Bag
Fox Fetish Bag
Horse Fetish Bag
Turtle Fetish Bag
Raven Fetish Bag
Raven detail
Flat Bags
Inspired by the Native American flat bag.  These bags are designed to carry your I-Pads, Kindles, and Nooks.
Made in two sizes to accommodate your electronic devise.

Large 8" x 10"    Medium 7" x 8"
Approximate strap length 50"
Future Warrior
Circle of Lilfe
Goat Helmet
Fetish Medicine Bags

A fringed medicine bag with a fetish animal baring it's gifts tied to it's back of actual stones and beads.  Seed beads adorn the flap edge.  Side fringe has brass and glass beads.

White Bison
"Four Horse" flat bag
In memory of Lance Many Crows

Made of buck skin. Horse head fetish with horse hair mane. Deer antler button, tin cones and glass beads on fringe.
medicine bag commissioned by "Summer Cloud"
Dr Anthony G Payne - Chocktaw